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Republic of Cyprus
Information for Consumers

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07/11/2016 08:37 AM

Unfair commercial practices

  • When you buy goods and services anywhere in the EU – whether from a website, local shop or seller outside your home country – law protects you against unfair commercial practices.
  • When promoting, selling or supplying products, companies must give you enough accurate information to enable you to make an informed buying decision. If not, their actions may be considered unfair.

Misleading and aggressive practices
You are protected against 2 main categories of unfair commercial practices:
  • misleading practices, either through action (giving false information) or omission (leaving out important information)
  • aggressive practices that aim to bully you into buying.

The Black List – unfair practices which are always prohibited
  • The Black List makes it easy to identify commercial practices that are prohibited in all circumstances.
  • If a practice appears on the list, it is automatically considered unfair.

Protection of vulnerable consumers
Traders may not use practices that exploit vulnerable consumers, such as children and people suffering from illness or addictions. For example, it is illegal to pressure children to buy a product or to use 'pester power' tactics to get them to persuade their parents to buy it.

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Note/Source: Part of the texts included in this section, come from EU’s site: “Your Europe".

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