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Distance/Off-premises selling (i.e. via internet, door to door)

Transactions subject to the rules below are sales and service contracts to consumers when you don't meet your customer face-to-face; e.g. contractual agreements by internet, telephone (with or without human interaction), email, fax or standard letter and contracts when you conclude a contract with customers outside your usual business premises.

Transactions in relation to the following topics are not covered by the relevant Law:
  • social & healthcare services;
  • gambling;
  • financial, insurance & investment products;
  • real estate and rental accommodation (residential);
  • package travel, timeshare and certain holiday services that are subject to specific rules;
  • passenger transport (apart from some specific rules );
  • contracts established by certain public office-holders, such as notaries;
  • food & drink supplied by regular delivery to a customer's home or workplace;
  • products sold in vending machines.

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