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The development of an effective policy in the field of consumer protection in Cyprus is a principal objective of the Consumer Protection Service. This is in line with the general objective that the European Commission has set, in the context of the Multiannual Consumer Programme 2014-2020. The general objective of the Programme is to ensure a high level of consumer protection, to empower consumers and to place the consumer at the heart of the internal market, within the framework of an overall strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

The objectives referred above are being pursued through the following specific objectives:

Objective I - Safety: to consolidate and enhance product safety through effective market surveillance throughout the Union. This objective will be measured in particular through the activity and effectiveness of the EU rapid alert system for dangerous consumer products (RAPEX).

Objective II - Consumer information and education, and support to consumer organisations: to improve consumers' education, information and awareness of their rights, to develop the evidence base for consumer policy and to provide support to consumer organisations, including taking into account the specific needs of vulnerable consumers.

Objective III - Rights and redress: to develop and reinforce consumer rights in particular through smart regulatory action and improving access to simple, efficient, expedient and low cost redress including alternative dispute resolution.

Objective IV - Enforcement: to support enforcement of consumer rights by strengthening cooperation between national enforcement bodies and by supporting consumers with advice.

The Consumer Protection Service has also established a Consumer Policy Strategy for the period 2015-2020, which is in line with the above EU objectives.

Working together with social partners
Seeking the widest possible involvement of social partners on consumer issues, the Consumer Protection Service (CCPS) maintains close cooperation with the two consumer organisations, the Cyprus Consumers’ Association and the Cyprus Consumers' Union and Quality of Life, as well as the consumer organisations of SEK, PEO and DEOK. CCPS provides annual economic sponsorship to these organisations. The sponsorship is attributed in proportion to the programmes and activities that the organisations implement.

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