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Consumer Protection Service


LogoThe Consumer Protection Service constitutes one of the divisions of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry.

Our mission is to pursue a high level of protection for consumers in today's highly competitive and fast paced market.

Main goals:
We aim at the most effective protection of consumers’ safety and economic interests, as well as the development of a legal framework that will ensure conditions of fair competition in the market.

In addition, we pursue to:

  • improve consumers’ welfare in terms of price, choice, quality, diversity, affordability and safety.
  • empower consumers through better access to accurate information.
  • enhance consumers’ confidence, arising from better market transparency and effective protection of their rights.

The achievement of the above objectives is typically facilitated through the following:
  • the existence of a sound legal framework for the protection of the consumers.
  • the effective carrying out of inspections and market surveillance and law enforcement.
  • the provision of education and information to consumers and the business community.
  • the integration of consumer protection issues into other policy areas, such as education.
  • the increased collaboration and contact with the civil society and especially the Cyprus consumers’ organisations.
  • the establishment of close collaboration with respective EU units and institutions.
  • the participation in EU programs that promote innovative measures regarding consumers’ protection and information.

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